About Stained White

Stained White was supposed to open in 2011, but since I started it toward the end of the summer, I had to put it on hold while at school. In 2012, after doing a bit of necessary facelifting, I finally sat down and barfed out all these analyses I've been mulling over since forever ago, and I'm honestly glad to have it all out of my brain.

It was love at first sight for me and Byakuya, who so neatly fit my stoic-pretty-boy fetish. However, through the years and especially through crafting this site I realized that I enjoy the richness of his background (double entendre not intended) and his spectacular development. I also have a thing for bad-guys-turned-good, and boy, does this noble find redemption.


One of the things I like about Byakuya is how he tries so hard to uphold the law and expectations of his family, but there were instances when his own free will drove him to get what he wanted. Stained White is a metaphor for his less than immaculate personal history and how his proud front cannot conceal his imperfections.


You're looking at Version 1.0 of Stained White, entitled "Winter Blossoms". Byakuya's silhouette and face originated from scans found at BleachExile, supplemented by cherry blossom brushes by kayimi. The background pattern is from coy-dreamer. Layout was designed in Photoshop CS5 and coded in TextEdit, and should be functional across all major browsers.


Most of the information I refer to come from extensive reading of the manga, using translations and scanlations from Viz, M7, and Manga-Rain (inactive). Manga images also originate from Manga Access and Bleach Asylum, edited by myself. Some supplemental information was found on the Bleach Wiki.

If you see something that's yours that hasn't been credited properly, please feel free to contact me about it.