A Quiet Welcome

You have arrived at Stained White, a tribute to Kuchiki Byakuya from the manga/anime series Bleach by Kubo Tite. This angsty pseudo-prince has been my favorite character through all the highs and lows of the nearly 10 years I've been following this series, so it's about time I sat down and did something for him.

In summary, these are analytical essays focused on manga!Byakuya's appearance, personality, and relationships--complete with spoilers and opinions. If you need to brush up on some basics, I invite you to read my crash course on Bleach first. Happy reading!

Last Updated: August 16, 2012 | Listed at: Emotion
Aesthetic. Analyzing how Byakuya's character design affects how we perceive him.
» PhysicalFashionSenbonzakura
Personal. Peeking at his overall character and how his status and title define him.
» CharacterNobleCaptain
Relational. Recognizing what I consider to be the most pivotal relationships in Byakuya's life and what they mean to him.
» YoruichiHisanaRukiaRenjiIchigo